The Benefits Of Hiring An Interim CIO


The executive recruiting industry has evolved the way it serves clients over the last few decades. A significant shift toward the use of interim executives now allows clients to have a smooth transition while searching for an executive replacement.

These specially trained and experienced professionals can deliver meaningful results for organizations until a permanent executive is hired.

Before we discuss all the benefits of taking on an interim CIO. Here’s a brief definition:

Who Is An Interim CIO?

interim cio leading other employeesAn interim CIO is a short-term executive officer who has proven skills and expertise to provide leadership and manage a transition period until a permanent CIO takes over.

What Are The Benefits Of Interim CIOs?

Middle-market companies that hire temporary CIOs can derive the following benefits:

1. Relieve Recruitment Pressure

Filling a position in the C-suite is not a quick task. It could take a minimum of four months, and in some cases, it may take twice that amount of time.

The recruitment period may even be longer if there was no concrete plan to employ a successor.

So what happens if a CIO suddenly resigns, becomes sick, or dies? A quick solution is to engage an interim CIO to reduce the pressure on your recruitment team. After that, the team can make a strategic choice that will bring a strong long-term talent to the C-suite.

2. Generate Faster Results

Interim CIOs can quickly deliver expected results. They are always aware of their short tenure in the organization.

As expected, they quickly evaluate the situation on the ground and decide what they need to accomplish before handing it over to a permanent manager. They learn fast, and they can operate in a high-pressure environment.

Interim CIOs work without the opportunity to spend time on frivolities. That’s why they build new relationships quickly as they make their transition from one company to another.

3. Reduce Transition Time Needed by a Permanent Executive

Interim cio showing permanent cio new dataInterim CIOs work hard to leave the company better than they met it. In essence, they hand over a better department to their successor.

The new permanent CIO will not meet a disoriented team. Instead, they will inherit one that is eager to continue working to achieve significant results in a short time.

Another benefit of working with a temporary CIO is the opportunity to see if that individual can fit into the organization’s culture. If the temporary leader is a good fit, there may be a way to convert the appointment to a permanent one.

4. Instant Access To Expertise And Professional Experience

Some temporary CIOs are entrepreneurs who sold their companies during a merger or acquisition. Others worked in large corporations, but they want their freedom and are more interested in project-based, short-term work. Your organization will get instant access to a wealth of experience that can produce fast results.

Interim CIOs will assess what is working, what needs immediate attention, and what not to touch. The interim leader maintains what is working and takes a deep dive into issues of urgent importance.

Focusing on fewer tasks allows the leader to produce faster results. Results need to manifest in weeks, not years. An intelligent executive will identify low-hanging fruit and take advantage of them to produce results without long-term commitments.

5. Fewer Distractions From Office Politics

interim cio focuses on workInterim CIOs hardly get entangled in bureaucratic and political agendas in the company. They know they’re temporarily employed, so they focus strictly on positively impacting the company within a few months.

Results are paramount for a temporary executive. That means they will avoid the distractions from tasks and relationships attractive to executives in permanent positions.

6. Experience A Win-Win Situation

The ultimate aim is to keep the company running smoothly while the recruitment team searches for a new CIO. With the full assurance that the temporary CIO is competent enough to fill the gap, the team can ensure that they get the best fit for the position.

This is usually beneficial to the search team and the company. The interim CIO provides stability until the permanent hire fills the position.

Hire An Interim CIO Today

When an executive position becomes vacant, you need to fill it as soon as possible. Hiring a temporary executive is a wise business decision.

Hartman Executive Advisors provides middle market and nonprofit organizations with highly skilled interim CIOs and other C-suite technology leaders.

Contact the Hartman team today or book a no-cost consultation to discover more about temporary executives who can serve you until you hire a permanent senior IT executive.


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