The right IT solutions increased revenue by 200% in three years.


Home buyers increasingly rely on the Internet as a source of information, and The Strata Group, a coalition of companies representing all facets of the industry, needed a CIO to help them sift through the sea of technology solutions and develop a strategy to increase revenue and maximize return on their IT investments.


The Strata Group engaged Hartman Executive Advisors to help create efficiency, carve out a competitive advantage and position the company for growth. Management had very specific goals for expansion but was unsure how to get started with new technology. The challenge was to determine the opportunities that provided the greatest ROI with the least amount of risk.


Working alongside leadership, Hartman’s expert IT advisors helped successfully evaluate, select, and deploy a number of new tools to support the company’s aggressive business goals and improve their customers’ overall experience. The new systems allowed agents to easily submit contract data online and have the information automatically sent to the appropriate back-office personnel, streamlining the disbursement of commissions. For potential home buyers, a new web platform simplified property searches, leading to a 200 percent growth in revenue in the span of three years.


When outdated technology was no longer an option, Hartman helped The Strata Group align the right solutions with their business goals to achieve success.

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