What happens when a costly IT investment fails to deliver ROI?


TJ Rock Enterprises owns and operates two nursing centers and a retirement community in Maryland. Years ago, the company deployed an electronic health record (EHR) which was supported by members of the business team with clinical and financial backgrounds, but it was under-utilized, costly and did not achieve critical business objectives. TJ Rock’s leadership understood the value of technology in achieving its goals, and after years of unsuccessful efforts to get value from the EHR, TJ Rock engaged Hartman Executive Advisors to conduct an IT Strategy Assessment.


Through the assessment, Hartman discovered a capability mismatch between TJ Rock’s business needs and the EHR. Hartman examined the workflows and requirements of the company and helped select an EHR that would move the company forward. Recognizing the importance of full adoption, not just software readiness, TJ Rock engaged Hartman as an outsourced CIO to manage the deployment of the EHR, assure incremental adoption throughout the business, and continue to provide technology leadership. In the CIO role, Hartman identified an IT vendor to provide on-call support and fill a critical gap in the technology capability.


Hartman continues to serve as the outsourced CIO, providing business and technical leadership, including management of a full-time IT Director who was hired at Hartman’s recommendation. Hartman continues to advise TJ Rock on how IT plays an ongoing role in overall business strategy.

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