Volunteer Management Software: Create A Systematic Plan for Recruiting, Training, Engaging and Coordinating Volunteers


Through generous donations of time, skills and resources, volunteers play an integral role in helping many nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission. Effective volunteer management is critical for building long-term relationships with supporters and helps nonprofits take steps toward their goals. It also enables organizations to recruit, track and manage volunteers and all associated tasks in a way that is both efficient and personalized. 

As the volunteer management process matures, it evolves from silos and manual processes to a volunteer management software (VMS) that provides automation to help organizations more successfully operate volunteer programs. By organizing all interactions between the organization and its volunteers, VMS eliminates the need for multiple tools and applications.

The importance of a systematic approach in managing volunteers

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Adopting a systematic approach allows organizations to establish a volunteer lifecycle framework. By evaluating current program activities, organizations can identify and understand the root causes of failures in each stage, ranging from recruitment to retention. This assessment enables the organization to brainstorm solutions aligned with its goals and mission, and improve processes while adapting to changing circumstances. 

Key challenges in volunteer management and how software can help


Attracting qualified volunteers and matching them with suitable roles is a common challenge for nonprofits. Volunteer management software improves recruitment efforts  by collecting and storing volunteer data. Organizations can create volunteer profiles and categorize volunteers based on various criteria such as location, availability, volunteer experience, interests and skills. By utilizing these filters, nonprofits can match volunteers to specific activities and assign them to appropriate teams.


Encouraging volunteers to make long-term commitments to the organization is critical. Volunteers can often feel disengaged, overwhelmed or unsupported. Communication and recognition are integral to keeping volunteers engaged and passionate about their work.

Volunteer management software provides an organized communication platform, enabling organizations to easily contact their volunteers through their preferred channel (e.g., email, phone, WhatsApp). The organization can send company updates, share success stories, and recognize achievements. Clear and consistent communication fosters a sense of belonging among  volunteers, increasing the likelihood of  their commitment to the organization.

Essential features of volunteer management software

Volunteer management software typically has several built-in features that focus on each activity within the volunteer lifecycle. These features are designed to automate various actions and streamline the entire volunteer process.

Recruiting volunteers through seamless application processes

VMS offers tools for creating recruitment campaigns and posting job advertisements. It can also allow the staff to set up and customize application forms based on the available opportunities. A volunteer portal can allow interested individuals an easy way to sign up for shifts, while providing a database for staff to review, approve or deny applications.

Streamlining volunteer training and onboarding

VMS should provide customized assessment and training modules to onboard and train volunteers. A self-service portal enables volunteers to schedule their training based on their availability.

Enhancing volunteer engagement with communication tools

Organizations should be able to manage all communication through the VMS, allowing for updates, expressions of gratitude, sharing of success stories, and notifications about new opportunities. This ensures convenient access to communication records.

Efficient scheduling and coordination capabilities

VMS can generate volunteer lists based on availability, skills and location, allowing for precise matching of individuals with specific tasks and events. The system facilitates seamless coordination of schedules to ensure volunteers are in the right place at the right time.

Reporting and analytics for informed decision-making

VMS should simplify data collection and analysis,  tracking volunteer activity, efficiency, impact and  key performance indicators. It should also produce reports based on this data that decision-makers can analyze to revise volunteer programs and strategies.

Maximizing the benefits of volunteer management software

VMS makes life easier for nonprofit executives and volunteers, but it is an extra expense. Organizations must make the most out of their investment to mitigate the cost.

Continuously refining your volunteer management processes

VMS stores all data related to the volunteer process, such as volunteer information, activities, training uptake and event details. This enables organizations to generate reports and analyze data to maximize volunteer impact. Measurement of volunteer impact leads to enhanced recruitment outcomes.

Ensuring long-term success through a strategic approach to volunteer management

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Strategic volunteer management practices enable organizations to optimize their utilization of volunteers, ultimately saving time and money. The use of volunteer management practices  improves recruitment efforts, fosters meaningful relationships with volunteers and increases engagement. Happier and more committed volunteers are more likely to stay long-term. 

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