What Is Organizational Development?


Businesses must compete in a rapidly changing environment and learn how to effectively manage change to remain healthy and productive. To do so, many companies turn to organizational development strategies. What is organizational development, exactly? The primary goal of organizational development is to increase an organization’s effectiveness via planned interventions within company processes.

Benefits of Organizational Development

benefits of organizational developmentOrganizational development provides a number of functions for businesses. One of the most useful is the identification of areas within a company’s operations that need to be addressed and possibly changed. Once identified, senior decision makers can analyze each problem or need, and implement solutions into a management plan to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

For example, business leaders may find that their employees tend to lose motivation after lunch, resulting in less productivity. To resolve this issue, a company may need to adjust the work schedule so that the most important projects that require the most amount of energy are completed in the morning, followed by lighter tasks in the afternoon.

It is also helpful in planning and managing corporate growth. By gathering important data, such as customer demand and sales projections, organizations can determine the current rate of the company’s growth.

From there, leaders can develop strategies for enhancing sales or pushing in another direction for excelled growth. This may require adding new talent to the team or properly allocating company resources to promote positive change. It is also important to get people involved from all departments to ensure that everyone is on the same page and contributes to the company’s success.

Improved vertical and horizontal communication is also possible with organizational development. Communication is essential for improving the health of any business. However, many companies fail to effectively communicate with all members of their team.

Organizational development strategies help promote effective communication, feedback, and interactions within an organization. With a solid communication system in place, team members become more equipped to meet goals and objectives. In addition, maintaining open communication helps ensure that employees understand the importance of change in an organization. This can result in increased motivation among workers.

Organizational Development Strategies

organizational development strategy consultantNot all businesses have the time or resources needed to devote to growth. That is why many business leaders depend on the knowledge and experience of business strategy consultants. A business strategy consultant can help develop proven organizational development strategies that will help businesses improve and grow.

Working with a business strategy consultant can bring companies a wide range of benefits through the development and implementation of organizational development strategies. First, certain strategies can be used to boost employee satisfaction across all departments. Good organizational development involves understanding that employees can essentially make or break a business. The right strategies can help increase employee morale through various means, such as creativity workshops or team building exercises.

Organizational development strategies can also help enhance the overall quality of products and services. As organizational development is known to boost the overall quality of a business’ output, this can carry over to its products, services, and even its stakeholder relationships. Better products and services mean satisfied customers, which is a win-win for everyone.

By implementing these strategies, organizations can also gain a competitive edge. It can help companies stay up-to-date with current trends and demands and use that insight to design and implement strategies to remain competitive in the market.

organizational development consultantsMany companies who choose to work with business strategy consultants will see a noticeable increase in profits. Organizational development helps remove disruptions and other roadblocks which could be causing growth to come to a halt. However, with the right strategies, companies develop more productive work cultures which translates to better business outcomes.

Most importantly, organizational development can help a business achieve its goals and objectives. Organizations frequently have goals in mind but are unable to make the desired progress. With the help of a business strategy consultant, they are able to get back on track to meeting those goals and boosting performance.

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Companies are always looking to improve through higher productivity, streamlined team efficiency, and more satisfying customer service. Organizational development strategies can help any company improve in these important areas. Start the process of improving the health of your organization and get closer to achieving goals with the help of an experienced business strategy consultant. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact the business strategy consultants at Hartman Executive Advisors today.


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