What To Look For In An IT Strategy Consulting Firm


man preparing it strategy with tablet in handIt’s not uncommon for middle-market companies to operate without a CIO. Often, companies in that space have an IT manager or IT director but lack someone who sits in the executive suite and reports directly to the CEO. One reason for this is cost.

Many middle-market companies cannot afford another C-suite executive, even if they know that hiring one could ultimately save them money in the long term and help the company be more competitive in the marketplace. In these situations, companies can hire an IT strategy consultant who will bring their experience and unbiased perspective to an organization at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

What Is An IT Strategy Consulting Firm?

Information technology is a vital function within modern enterprises. IT helps to automate tasks, promote process efficiency and improve customer service. Unfortunately, many businesses still see IT as a technical function rather than a core element within their business model.

IT strategy consultants are usually hired by the CEO/President or CFO to help them make important IT decisions and keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. IT strategy consulting firms have the expertise necessary to help organizations become more efficient and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

Organizations that work with experienced IT strategy consulting firm can benefit from working with experienced CIOs, CTOs, and IT experts who bring experience, industry knowledge, and a third-party perspective to help them position IT to support their business goals.

Essential Qualities To Consider When Selecting An IT Strategy Consulting Firm

man holding tablet with digital strategy conceptNo two IT strategy consultants are exactly the same. Therefore, it is important to compare services, experience and skills to determine the best candidate for the job. Giving third-party access to sensitive systems, data or software requires a level of trust that should only be given to a reputable firm.

The consultant should also have experience working with companies within the same industry. When searching for an IT strategy consulting firm, here are some essential qualities to consider.

Proven Model And Methodology

One of the first things to look for when learning about an IT strategy consulting firm is its history of success. How many years has the firm been in business? What is the business model and how is the company staffed? It is important to understand the firm’s methodology and process to determine if it is the right approach to meet your needs. The types of clients that an IT strategy consulting firm has worked with can say a lot about their experience and the strength of their team.


There are many types of companies providing IT strategy consulting, but not all of them are independent. This is an important distinction, as an independent firm is in a unique position to offer truly unbiased advice that is not tied to any product or system they are selling or reselling. A firm who is advising you to buy something they also sell, provide, or represent is likely to view things from a narrow lens that is focused on their solutions.

Bringing in an IT strategy consultant from an independent firm ensures that any recommendations, guidance and advice received are always coming from a place of objectivity and in the company’s best interest. With no pressure to recommend a specific system, vendor, or hardware or software product, independent IT strategy consultants can thoroughly analyze various options, test those options, and make decisions that best serve the organization.

Helpful Training And Mentoring Services

employee getting it strategy training from a mentorWhen looking for an IT strategy consulting firm, opt for a firm that offers training and mentoring services to transfer knowledge and experience to in-house IT staff. Often, the IT strategy consultant will look to identify potential future leaders within the department and develop a plan to help these individuals grow in their roles and be promoted from within.

With outside perspective and experience, an outsourced CIO can provide guidance related to both technical skills and business acumen, with the ultimate goal of enhancing collaboration between the business and the IT department.

Speak With The IT Strategy Consulting Experts At Hartman

Technology consulting has quickly become one of the fastest-growing consulting markets. Countless businesses in all industries rely on IT strategy consultants to assist with strategy development, system integration,business intelligence and cybersecurity. Great IT strategy consultants offer a variety of essential attributes, such as good communication skills, advisory skills, in-depth technical knowledge, management capabilities, and excellent customer service skills.

The right IT strategy consulting firm can help businesses create and reach their strategic IT goals faster than they thought possible. For more information about what to look for in an IT strategy consulting firm or to speak with IT strategy consulting experts, contact Hartman Executive Advisors today.


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