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Government Digital Transformation Challenges To Overcome In 2024

There is no industry or sector that is immune to digital transformation challenges. From funding to policy rollout, digital transformation challenges in government look a lot like those within the private sector. Having a strategic plan for managing these challenges can help governments better enact change and serve those who live and work within their

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The Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

Over the last several years, digital transformation has become fundamental for businesses to remain relevant and profitable.  In fact, Many organizations have already recognized this reality.  Oxford Economics research reports that 57% of small and midsize companies say their digital transformation efforts allow them to compete more effectively with large companies. Although it has been

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Why State and Local Governments Can’t Ignore Data Governance

While the private sector has been swift in harnessing the power of data, public sector entities have been slow in comparison. Several reasons for this include legacy infrastructure, bureaucratic red tape, and a significant gap in skills. As a result, many local and state governments lack clear data governance, seeing it as a non-essential part

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Strengthening Cybersecurity in State and Local Government Agencies

In today’s digital world, no organization is immune to cybersecurity threats. It is a common misconception that high-profile organizations or federal governments are the primary targets for cyber attackers. However, developments have revealed a shift in this landscape. State and local government agencies are becoming prime targets for cybercriminals, demonstrating the indiscriminate nature of cyber

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Pioneering Change: Enhancing Public Sector Services Through Technology Modernization

One year following the enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act by President Joe Biden, municipalities throughout the nation are harnessing the allocated $350 billion from the relief package, specifically intended for state and local administrations, to facilitate diverse enhancements in technology. The legislation affords considerable flexibility to states, counties, cities, and tribal governments in

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Creating a Plan for IT Infrastructure Modernization for State and Local Government

As state and local governments struggle with the increasing need for digital transformation, IT infrastructure modernization has taken center stage. With the current pace of technological innovation, outdated IT systems can impede efficiency, hinder progress, and increase vulnerability to cybersecurity threats.  However, the journey toward modernization presents unique challenges, including budget constraints, data privacy concerns,

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Smart City Digital Twins Help Cities React to Changes in Real-Time 

Innovation for the public sector has always required significant testing and development within a controlled environment before subjecting agencies to real-world testing and ultimately presenting them to residents and constituents. Developers operate within virtual and limited testing environments known as “sandboxes,” where they can freely experiment, evaluate software programs, and proactively detect any potential challenges,

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