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Fostering a Culture of Innovation in Human Services Organizations

In the relentless pursuit of serving their clients, leaders at human services organizations often get caught up in the daily grind and lack the time for more out-of-the-box thinking. However, if they can get beyond the basics and foster a culture of innovation among all levels of employees, that could benefit clients even more in

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Top Cybersecurity Considerations for a Resilient Human Services Organization

As cyberattacks increase and evolve, human service organizations must adapt and develop resiliency. And while some aspects of cybersecurity translate across industries, human services organizations have distinct challenges to consider when building resiliency from online threats. To move from reactive responses toward a proactive and holistic program, start by identifying your organization’s top cybersecurity risks

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Volunteer Management Software: Create A Systematic Plan for Recruiting, Training, Engaging and Coordinating Volunteers

Through generous donations of time, skills and resources, volunteers play an integral role in helping many nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission. Effective volunteer management is critical for building long-term relationships with supporters and helps nonprofits take steps toward their goals. It also enables organizations to recruit, track and manage volunteers and all associated tasks in

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What To Do When You Need a New Case Management System

Case management systems help human services organizations manage client data, track cases and comply with regulatory requirements. Without these critical capabilities, organizations struggle to operate efficiently and maintain electronic documentation.  When is it time to update your case management system? When your organization notices signs that your current system is holding you back, including inefficient

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Digital Transformation in Human Services: Implementing an IT Strategy that Aligns with Your Mission 

Evaluating a human services organization’s potential for digital transformation can reveal opportunities to streamline operations, improve user experience, and help the organization reach mission-driven objectives. Without prioritizing digital transformation, human services organizations miss out on opportunities. Implementing an IT strategy that incorporates digital planning can offer significant payoffs in service delivery, operational efficiency and risk

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Improving Workforce Development for Human Services Agencies

Human service agencies are integral to our society. They provide essential services, such as mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and housing assistance. As a result, they need a well-trained workforce that is knowledgeable and capable of providing quality services to their clients. Unfortunately, due to other employment options at similar salary points, many human

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6 Best Practices To Protect Your Human Services Organization From Cyber Threats

Data privacy and security is a major concern for human services organizations. Whether protecting constituents’ personal data or securing donations, these organizations must safeguard sensitive information from cyber threats.   But how can human services organizations improve their cybersecurity posture? With financial pressures and staffing shortages, leaders at human services organizations may worry that they don’t

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