Marie Hartman

Executive Vice President, Co-Founder

Marie loves a good challenge and solving them is her sweet spot. First, she breaks what others see as insurmountable obstacles into manageable chunks. Then, she dedicates herself to achieving big, hairy, audacious goals. As one of the visionaries behind Hartman Executive Advisors, Marie and her husband, Dave, already knew back in 2004 what is now evident: technology can be a game-changer for business. Together, they took on a challenge that would have an industry-changing outcome: proving that the right technology can drive organizational success, have a positive net effect on a company’s bottom line and improve customer experiences.

But how could she and Dave demonstrate this novel concept? Marie got to work, creating the IT Net Effect platform — a proprietary tool that validates the impact of technology on critical organizational outputs, from revenue to expenses and risk, it has helped Hartman change the direction and thinking of many executives and industries.

Marie strives to see positive change all around her–professionally and personally; she believes everyone should have the opportunity to reach his or her summit. As such, she’s the main driver behind Hartman’s company culture, which is based on trust, understanding and the desire to see each team member empower others to succeed. A strong believer in giving back to her community and mentoring other women, Marie is a member of the United Way Women’s Leadership Council and their Tocqueville Society, a national network of philanthropic business leaders. She is also passionate about serving on boards and was the first-ever recipient of the St. Agnes Hospital Foundation Chairman’s Award for Board Impact in 2016.

Marie is as equally goal-driven in her personal life as she is in business, focusing on unique experiences that challenge her and get her out of her comfort zone. She’s always up for an adventure — recent ones have included trapeze lessons and SCUBA diving — and enjoys traveling both near and far, often bringing family and friends along to make new memories.

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