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How Credit Unions Can Leverage Technology to Stay Competitive

For years, credit unions (CUs) have attracted members through their commitment to personalized customer service. That distinction has increasingly come under attack as banks digitize themselves to meet rising customer expectations, leading a significant 13,500 consumers to report higher satisfaction with banks than with CUs. This new generation of “digital nomads” prioritize fast customer service

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CDK CyberAttack

Lessons from the CDK Outage: Is Your Business Ready for a Crisis?

The recent cyberattack at CDK Global, a leading software provider for  the automotive industry, was a jarring wake-up call for many business leaders. Analysts from Anderson Economic Group estimated dealer financial losses stemming from the outage at $944 million over the first three weeks following the attack due to business interruptions.  In today’s digital age,

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Demand Management ERP WMS TMS

ERP, WMS, and TMS: The Trifecta of Demand Management for Strategic Growth  

In the fast-paced world of supply chain management, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), and TMS (Transportation Management Systems) are the backbone of efficient operations. Understanding how these systems integrate, and their collective benefits is crucial for leveraging their full potential to improve operations, increase efficiency, enhance stakeholder satisfaction, and achieve strategic business

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7 Ways To Leverage Data and Improve Business Outcomes

7 Ways To Leverage Data and Improve Business Outcomes

With the proliferation of digital tools and technologies, organizations are now inundated with vast amounts of data from various sources. This data, when harnessed effectively, has the potential to transform operations, enhance stakeholder experiences, and drive strategic decision-making. However, the true value of data lies not in its sheer volume, but in the insights it

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Inc. Best Workplaces 2024 Hartman Executive Advisors

Hartman Executive Advisors Recognized as 2024 Inc Best Workplaces

Hartman Executive Advisors has proudly been named as an honoree in Inc.’s 2024 Best Workplaces, a significant achievement that highlights the company’s dedication to creating a positive and supportive work environment. Inc.’s Best Workplaces is an annual list that recognizes the top companies in the nation for their outstanding commitment to workplace excellence. The selection

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Senior Living Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Enhancing the Senior Living Experience

Increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is in use across many industries to reduce workloads, streamline inefficiencies and drive improved financial outcomes. Healthcare is no exception, and AI is addressing several key components of care delivery enabling many opportunities for innovation.   Senior living communities have their own unique needs when considering resident care and other aspects. AI

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Government Digital Transformation Challenges To Overcome In 2024

There is no industry or sector that is immune to digital transformation challenges. From funding to policy rollout, digital transformation challenges in government look a lot like those within the private sector. Having a strategic plan for managing these challenges can help governments better enact change and serve those who live and work within their

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Revolutionizing Nonprofit Impact Through Digital Transformation

In an era where efficiency and impact are paramount, nonprofit organizations must navigate a landscape where digital technology offers unprecedented opportunities. Much like their counterparts in the business world, nonprofits recognize the transformative potential of digital solutions to streamline operations, engage constituents, and amplify their missions. Despite this awareness, there exists a stark reality; while

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Data-Driven Manufacturing is the Future

Nearly half of CEOs believe that their company won’t be viable in ten years if it continues running on its current path. A recent PwC Annual Global CEO Survey revealed that CEOs also anticipate increased pressure from various global trends like technology, prompting intensified efforts towards reinvention.  For companies to modernize and ensure long-term viability,

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