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The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation stand as pivotal forces propelling higher education into a new era. By refining teaching methods and streamlining administrative tasks, they can foster more engaging and effective learning environments. Understanding AI and Automation AI and automation are projected to skyrocket the AI education market to $30 billion by 2032. They are

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How Mergers and Acquisitions Are Reshaping the Higher Education Landscape

Over the past decade in the U.S., higher education institutions have experienced a drastic drop in enrollment, a trend that became even more pronounced during the pandemic. Increasing tuition fees and mounting student loan costs are major factors in students’ decisions to skip higher education or opt for vocational training. As a result, many higher education institutions are

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How Technology Can Support Your Enrollment Management Strategy

In the ever-increasing competition for student enrollment, it’s critical to have a robust enrollment management strategy. One of the pillars of a successful strategy is leveraging technology effectively. Higher education institutions often encounter a range of challenges with enrollment management. However, with the right strategy, technology can not only streamline the enrollment process but it

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A Strong Technology Strategy is Essential for Higher Education Success

Higher education institutions face many challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving world. From the rise of online learning to the increasing demand for technological advancements, universities must adapt to stay competitive. That’s where a strong technology strategy becomes paramount.  Enhancing Student Outcomes With Higher Education Technology Technology has become integral to modern education, revolutionizing

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Global Commerce and the Modern Campus: How to Make Technology Work for You

Higher Education organizations have many needs when it comes to collecting and issuing payments.  According to a PYMNTS study, “Improving The Campus Payments Experience” colleges on average spend 2.7% of their annual budgets on payment operations.  In the same study, over 72% of college payment professionals believe their systems are not as efficient as they

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