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Protecting Patient Data While Meeting HIPAA Regulations

Since the HIPAA Privacy Rule was enacted in 2003, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has collected $137,738,772 in civil penalties and settlements from healthcare organizations. Along with the costly consequences of non-compliance, organizations that fail to meet requirements are more likely to earn negative marks on their reputation and face additional financial and human

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Why Banking as a Service may be your Best Survival Strategy

A 2023 Finastra report revealed that 85% of surveyed CEOs are inclined to adopt Banking as a Service (BaaS). This surge in interest begs the question: why?    BaaS presents small community banks with a superior, faster, and more cost-effective solution. By sidestepping the need for extensive infrastructure, banks can instead establish partnerships with FinTech companies.

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Industry Spotlight:
Wade Barnes
Financial Services Industry Lead

Wade Barnes is Hartman’s Financial Services Industry Lead. Starting his career as a bank teller, Wade advanced through the ranks to the C-suite. At Hartman, his background makes him an indispensable resource to clients in banking and financial services, who benefit from his extensive knowledge of regulations and trends. We sat down with Wade to

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Is Your CIO Seat Empty?

Decisions to make when you need a CIO but don’t want to rush the hiring process In a time when business is more reliant on technology than ever before, a chief information officer (CIO) who can strategically lead an IT department and align technology with overall business goals is an invaluable asset to an organization.

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Five Benefits Of Hiring An Outsourced CIO

The chief information officer (CIO) role has evolved dramatically since its emergence as a C-suite position in the mid-1980s. Early on, information technology (IT) leaders were primarily focused on network administration and “keeping the lights on” activities. Now, CIOs are required to combine strategic thinking, experience, and a strong business sense with the technical know-how

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The 5 Traits of Highly Effective Outsourced CIOs

When an organization decides to outsource its Chief Information Officer (CIO), it’s important to select someone who will become a true partner, focused on achieving business goals that strengthen the organization as a whole. Bringing in an outsourced CIO is very different than working with an outsourced vendor like a managed service provider (MSP) for

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a group of executives discussing the benefits of bringing on an outsourced CIO

10 Reasons Why Businesses Are Outsourcing Their CIOs

When companies grow, they often find their information technology needs expand, too. The cost of hiring IT employees to support this increased demand can be daunting, so some companies turn to outsourcing to meet this need. But when mid-sized organizations grow large enough to need C-level technology leadership, many find they can benefit greatly from

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Client Spotlight: Q&A with Bezawit Sumner, Director of Security and Compliance at CRISP

To round out National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we interviewed our client, Bezawit Sumner, Director of Security and Compliance at CRISP, Maryland’s formally designated healthcare information exchange. Due to increased pressure from regulators requiring healthcare organizations to maintain stronger data controls, CRISP and Hartman worked together to look for a more systematic method for maintaining the

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