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The Business Benefits of Healthcare Technology Innovation

Many of us have been there. We’re at a conference and sit in on a presentation on the latest technological innovation. The room is packed, standing room only. The subject is exciting, the possibilities are endless. It’s easy to think in these situations that our colleagues and board members will feel the same rush at

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How Technology Can Enhance Resident Engagement in Senior Living

Senior living organizations can benefit from leveraging advancements in technology to enhance residents’ standard of living and add critical capabilities. Technology can dramatically enhance residents’ quality of life—and thus, their engagement—by changing how they are cared for from both a clinical and personal perspective. However, many communities are hesitant to implement critical technological advancements, worried

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How To Remain HIPAA Compliant After A Data Breach

Healthcare providers and insurers are required to execute a business associate agreement (BAA) to safeguard disclosed information and comply with HIPAA when protected health information (PHI) is disclosed to vendors, such as consultants or cloud data storage firms. Although the business associate agreement is a standard procedure, organizations often struggle to manage the risks associated

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How Technology Is Impacting Federally-Qualified Health Centers

As inflation and an ever-changing economy continue to impact communities across America, the affordability and accessibility of healthcare remains a major concern for low- and middle-income individuals. Federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs) that these individuals rely on for healthcare must adopt more effective technology practices in order to meet the needs of their patients and streamline

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How Technology Is Impacting Workforce Development In Senior Living

High quality direct-care workers are essential to senior living organizations but, given their many employment options at similar salary points, they can be difficult to attract and retain. In a recent survey, the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) reported that 94 percent of nursing homes and 81 percent of

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How To Optimize Your Healthcare EHR Software Investment

Many healthcare organizations have adopted electronic health records (EHRs) as a way to streamline patient care and simplify processes for care providers. EHR software can help providers better manage care and provide patients with an enhanced experience by delivering accurate, complete and up-to-date information quickly and securely. Getting The Most Value Out Of Healthcare EHR

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