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outdated software is one of the top cybersecurity threats for mobile workforces

Redefining Nonprofit IT: How to Future-Proof Your Organization

In today’s digital era, nonprofits are facing an undeniable reality: technology silos are creating enormous complexities and barriers to growth. As the digital landscape continues to evolve year after year, it brings along a mix of opportunities and challenges. While technology promises to amplify impact, streamline operations, and foster deeper connections with stakeholders, it also

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technical- debt- on- community- health -centers 

The Impact of Technical Debt on Community Health Centers 

Healthcare models and regulations are evolving rapidly, and along with it, healthcare technology. To stay on top of high-quality care delivery, meet regulatory requirements and effectively manage grants healthcare organizations must weigh how to best adopt and manage their technology systems.   Community health centers are no exception. The National Association of Community Health Centers

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Pioneering Change: Enhancing Public Sector Services Through Technology Modernization

One year following the enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act by President Joe Biden, municipalities throughout the nation are harnessing the allocated $350 billion from the relief package, specifically intended for state and local administrations, to facilitate diverse enhancements in technology. The legislation affords considerable flexibility to states, counties, cities, and tribal governments in

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Creating a Plan for IT Infrastructure Modernization for State and Local Government

As state and local governments struggle with the increasing need for digital transformation, IT infrastructure modernization has taken center stage. With the current pace of technological innovation, outdated IT systems can impede efficiency, hinder progress, and increase vulnerability to cybersecurity threats.  However, the journey toward modernization presents unique challenges, including budget constraints, data privacy concerns,

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erp software system for business resources plan presented in modern graphic interface

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready for an ERP System

Approximately 88 percent of organizations across multiple industries report that implementing an ERP system aided in their business success, according to Selecthub. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) plays an integral role in business, giving modern organizations the tools needed to streamline their core processes within a single system. ERP software can be used to manage a

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Image depicting digital banking. Digital transformation has touched every industry in one way or another

4 Ways Digital Transformation Will Impact Banking

Digital transformation has touched every industry in one way or another, but not all organizations are matching the pace. Four out of five financial institutions acknowledge that digital transformation will reshape the industry’s competitive landscape, according to the Boston Consulting Group, yet 43 percent admit that they do not have a digital strategy in place.

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lock on a laptop representing cybersecurity awareness in a business

What Is Cybersecurity Awareness?

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the United States. Each year, countless individuals and businesses share information to help organizations and individuals better protect valuable data from cybercriminals. Cybersecurity awareness focuses on understanding what threats are present in the digital world and how to take the necessary precautions to prevent these risks from becoming

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Why Is Vendor Selection Important?

Successful organizations understand the importance of forming relationships with the right vendors. Many businesses make the mistake of choosing a vendor based on cost alone; however, this can result in more expensive problems in the long-run. A business should choose a vendor that aligns with their operations and shares similar goals. By being careful with

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