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Why Is An IT Strategy So Important?

Information technology (IT) has grown to play an integral role in every aspect of business, impacting internal and external stakeholders including employees, customers, constituents, suppliers, and more. Despite the pervasiveness of IT, many companies struggle with silos that have been created over time as departments accumulated systems that are duplicative and don’t talk to each

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ERP Software Selection Criteria & Checklist

A new ERP system can make all the difference for companies that are struggling with legacy systems and encountering difficulties growing their business, meeting customer service expectations and maintaining compatibility between systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is highly effective process management software that integrates business supply chains, commerce, operations, financials, manufacturing, reporting, and human resource

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Why Every CEO Needs A Strategic IT Consultant

Information technology is integrated into every area of business today. It is used to create efficiency, improve customer service, mitigate risk and drive growth opportunities. Companies in all industries can leverage IT to give themselves a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The challenge is how. With IT evolving so rapidly, many mid-sized businesses don’t have the time

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How To Get Enterprise-Level IT On Your Small Business Budget

Dave Hartman contributed an article to The Daily Record about how small businesses can get enterprise-level IT on a budget. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Today, more than any time in history, effective and business-centric IT is critical to success in a competitive, customer-centric market — no matter the industry. Small and midmarket

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The 2022 Guide To IT Strategy Planning For CEOs

Covid-19 was a tipping point for technology adoption and digital transformation, causing executives to rethink the role of technology in business. As we move into 2022, CEOs see IT as an investment that will generate a return in the way of revenue, competitive advantage, efficiency gains, customer satisfaction, and more. Based on a survey of

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What To Look For In An IT Strategy Consulting Firm

It’s not uncommon for middle-market companies to operate without a CIO. Often, companies in that space have an IT manager or IT director but lack someone who sits in the executive suite and reports directly to the CEO. One reason for this is cost. Many middle-market companies cannot afford another C-suite executive, even if they

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How IT Strategy Consulting Can Transform Your Business

New technologies such as data analytics, cloud, and automation can help propel a business to the next level. However, not all businesses have the bandwidth or experience to reach this level of success on their own. Developing an effective IT strategy requires in-depth knowledge of industry trends and extensive experience in IT leadership and transformation.

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Bank Marketing Data

Hear from Wade Barnes, Financial Services Practice Lead, on the importance of reading and interpreting marketing data for banks. Video Transcribed Hi, I’m Wade Barnes, Financial Services Practice Lead with Hartman Advisors. In past videos, we’ve talked about the need for financial institutions to focus on their data strategy. I’ve had follow-up conversations with many

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA) — Enhancing Organizational Efficiency

Hear from Wade Barnes, Financial Services Practice Lead, on how robotics process automation can enhance business productivity and efficiency. Video Transcribed Hi, I’m Wade Barnes, Financial Services Practice Lead with Hartman Advisors. As one of the oldest professions in modern times, financial services companies are burdened by legacy applications that do not communicate efficiently between

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