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Clinical Informatics: Changing the Healthcare Landscape

Clinical informatics involves the use of information technology (IT) and data science to support the effective management and utilization of health information and medical data. It also promotes the insights necessary to support clinical decision-making, patient management and overall enhanced healthcare delivery. This leads to improved healthcare outcomes and better patient care. Like all technological

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6 Priorities to Future-Proof your Community Bank

Transformative Chief Information Officers (CIOs) steer their institutions through challenging times by aligning innovation with customer-centricity. Since the banking industry has changed more in the last five years than in the previous two decades, it is no longer just enough to keep banks buoyant. Successful CIOs need to drive transformational change and ensure technology is

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7 Tips for Commercial Real Estate CEOs: Mastering Technology Project Management through Governance 

In today’s rapidly evolving commercial real estate landscape, technology project management has become a critical aspect of success for modern enterprises. Commercial real estate CEOs play a pivotal role in ensuring that their companies harness the potential of technology to stay ahead of the competition. However, effective technology project management goes beyond simply investing in

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What is a Data Strategy and Why Does Every Nonprofit Need One?

Nonprofit leaders depend on information to make strategic and tactical decisions about how to run, grow and transform their organizations. Whether it is effective fundraising, strong public relations or advocacy, efficient operations, or designing new programs, allocating scarce resources to the opportunities that are most impactful to the business strategy is a key part of

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Building Stronger Senior Living Communities with Digital Resident Engagement

Residents in senior living communities need technology for clinical purposes, but it can also help with their mental health. Using technology, providers can engage residents in new ways and give them opportunities to connect with other residents, staff and their families.    Digital resident engagement has many advantages in addition to resident well-being, including improved care

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5 Steps for Enabling IT to Drive Strategic Outcomes for Your Bank

As the banking industry undergoes a revolutionary transformation, it is more apparent than ever that legacy technology platforms must evolve to enable enhanced customer experiences, customer acquisition channels, and back-office operations. Many community banks find themselves questioning whether they have the right IT to support their business goals and enable growth. Here are five essential

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2023 IT Strategy Planning: What Executives Need to Know

Rapid advancements in IT over the past several years have led to many business leaders embracing technology as a driver of success rather than a necessary evil. Although this evolution presents an exciting opportunity for organizations to use IT to enable better business outcomes, it can also be intimidating to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Without

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Why The Construction Industry Should Leverage The Power Of Digitalization

An increasing number of contractors are beginning to adopt collaborative technology and employ data analysis to improve operations and achieve greater results. Gaining real-time visibility and access to key data provides construction companies the ability to systematically analyze patterns and generate meaningful, informed insights for future projects. By leveraging the power of digitalization, construction companies

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