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What is an IT SWOT Analysis

What is an IT SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT analysis is a common technique that helps businesses overcome challenges and takes advantage of chances to grow and thrive. The primary purpose of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats framework is to get business leaders thinking about things that could potentially impact a new project or their company as a whole. Performing an

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Zoom program on tablet

10 Tips for Securing Your Zoom Meetings

With the surge in people using Zoom, we now hear about security issues ranging from Zoombombing (crashing a meeting you’re not invited to and sharing explicit materials), to Zoom’s Mac application sharing data with Facebook and other third party sites, to threat actors taking over cameras and microphones to gain access to computers through the

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Pinpoint IT goals with strategic planning

Steps to Defining and Achieving IT Goals

Every organization, regardless of size or industry, should have strategic IT goals. Information technology (IT) is one of an organization’s most important departments, as it provides the tools needed to function well internally and gain an edge on the competition. Ideally, IT goals should be aligned with business objectives to help improve operations and profit

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ceo integrating technology into the work place

3 Ways New CEOs Can Take A Role In IT

Joining an organization as a new executive is an exciting opportunity to better understand the current state of the business, identify the opportunities, risks and gaps facing the organization, and begin to plan for the future. During the first 90 days, that learning is most often done through meeting with staff, board members and customers.

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man practicing process engineering

What Is Process Engineering?

To remain relevant in today’s competitive marketplace, companies must continually evaluate and update their business operations and processes to meet customer expectations. Even as companies grow, new technologies and business models enter the market all the time, disrupting traditional models and causing existing systems to become outdated. To make core business processes more effective and

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IT consulting featured image

IT Portfolio Management Best Practices

As IT expenditures continue to rise, it has become more essential than ever to dedicate time to IT portfolio management. Through IT portfolio management (ITPM), businesses become better equipped to improve the performance of their portfolio by balancing both risks and returns. Managing IT as a portfolio of assets can help take a business in

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employees discuss vendor selection

How To Maximize Your MSP Relationship

If you were born before 1980, you probably remember the commercials that implored students to become the “indispensable cog” in their company’s IT infrastructure by enrolling in an IT network training program. Those days are long gone, as most companies have outsourced the management of their network resources to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). As

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IT Strategy team at computer

Why Companies Find Success After Refining Their IT Strategy

Most executives understand the power that technology has for their business and are investing more time and capital into refining their IT strategy. In addition, many businesses are gaining a competitive advantage in their chosen field by implementing new strategies designed to leverage advances in IT and capture profitable opportunities. Here, we discuss the top

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Sales team looking at data to improve business

Business Intelligence: What Is It and Why It’s Important

Business intelligence (BI) can have a major influence on an organization’s business decisions by leveraging software and services to turn data into measurable actions. This technology-driven process has the power to help corporate end users better analyze the state of their business and provide insight that contributes to improved decision-making. While business intelligence does not

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