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IT Project Governance: Maximizing Value in Manufacturing and Distribution 

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and distribution, technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring businesses remain competitive, secure, efficient, and responsive to ever-evolving consumer demands. For CEOs navigating this dynamic landscape, it’s abundantly clear that technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. To make effective choices in technology investment while optimizing returns, organizations need a

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Unlocking the Potential: AI in Banking Simplified 

The banking industry is undergoing a drastic change thanks to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI). With its capabilities being applied to customer service, fraud prevention and predictive analytics, AI can revolutionize how community banks function and interact with customers. Read on to learn how these new AI-driven advances affect community banks and create new

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Conquering the 2024 AI Landscape: Driving Business Innovation 

Understanding the AI Terrain: Demystifying the Technologies During 2023’s AI boom, tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon unveiled groundbreaking AI-focused technologies that captivated the world. From ChatGPT to OpenAI, these AI systems “broke the internet” with their remarkably human-like interactions. Amid the buzz, deciphering the jargon and comprehending its impact on business can be

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation in Human Services Organizations

In the relentless pursuit of serving their clients, leaders at human services organizations often get caught up in the daily grind and lack the time for more out-of-the-box thinking. However, if they can get beyond the basics and foster a culture of innovation among all levels of employees, that could benefit clients even more in

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Clinical Informatics: Changing the Healthcare Landscape

Clinical informatics involves the use of information technology (IT) and data science to support the effective management and utilization of health information and medical data. It also promotes the insights necessary to support clinical decision-making, patient management and overall enhanced healthcare delivery. This leads to improved healthcare outcomes and better patient care. Like all technological

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6 Priorities to Future-Proof your Community Bank

Transformative Chief Information Officers (CIOs) steer their institutions through challenging times by aligning innovation with customer-centricity. Since the banking industry has changed more in the last five years than in the previous two decades, it is no longer just enough to keep banks buoyant. Successful CIOs need to drive transformational change and ensure technology is

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7 Tips for Commercial Real Estate CEOs: Mastering Technology Project Management through Governance 

In today’s rapidly evolving commercial real estate landscape, technology project management has become a critical aspect of success for modern enterprises. Commercial real estate CEOs play a pivotal role in ensuring that their companies harness the potential of technology to stay ahead of the competition. However, effective technology project management goes beyond simply investing in

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What is a Data Strategy and Why Does Every Nonprofit Need One?

Nonprofit leaders depend on information to make strategic and tactical decisions about how to run, grow and transform their organizations. Whether it is effective fundraising, strong public relations or advocacy, efficient operations, or designing new programs, allocating scarce resources to the opportunities that are most impactful to the business strategy is a key part of

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