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Digital Transformation – A Necessity for Middle Market Success

Middle market organizations often get by with manual processes, spreadsheets, and workarounds when it comes to their data. When systems functionally “work”, it can be a difficult decision to upgrade the systems and technology that drive the business all in the name of digital transformation. However, the pandemic shone a light on the necessity for

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Developing A Strong IT Strategy For 2021

Organizations around the world were challenged in unexpected ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies shut down, while others were able to pivot their strategies (and in some cases, their services and products) to survive in the new, uncertain, and ever-changing environment. The world kept moving with technologies like Zoom, and employees and customers in

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The First Thing You Should Do Before Researching Virtual Event Technology

Many associations and nonprofit organizations rely on annual events like conferences and galas to generate a portion of their revenue. COVID-19 brought on a vast shift from in-person events to virtual formats, leaving organizations scrambling to plan for future gatherings. With a history of helping nonprofits and associations navigate technology selection and implementation, our advisors

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Finding a Rhythm to Working From Home

Christina Ryan DiGiulian, managing director, spoke to The Daily Record for an article about working from home with children. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Some companies are responding to the change by bringing together entire families instead of just individual team members as children or pets become part of the office. Christina DiGiulian,

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The Importance of IT Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure management involves a variety of aspects, including the management of policies, devices, processes, sensitive information and workforces. Managing all of these aspects is no easy feat, resulting in stress when handling IT matters or scaling back an IT infrastructure. Taking control of an organization’s IT environment is an essential component of operations. While

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Why IT Continuity Plans are Important & How to Make One for COVID-19

Regardless of industry, business leaders understand the importance of delivering continuous service to their customers without interruption. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruption for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), an estimated 92 percent of small employers have been negatively impacted by

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What is an IT SWOT Analysis

What is an IT SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT analysis is a common technique that helps businesses overcome challenges and takes advantage of chances to grow and thrive. The primary purpose of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats framework is to get business leaders thinking about things that could potentially impact a new project or their company as a whole. Performing an

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10 Tips for Securing Your Zoom Meetings

With the surge in people using Zoom, we now hear about security issues ranging from Zoombombing (crashing a meeting you’re not invited to and sharing explicit materials), to Zoom’s Mac application sharing data with Facebook and other third party sites, to threat actors taking over cameras and microphones to gain access to computers through the

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