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PRESS RELEASE: Marie Hartman is one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women

TIMONIUM, Md., April 24, 2018 – The Daily Record included Marie Hartman, executive vice president and co-founder of Hartman Executive Advisors, in their 2018 “Top 100 Women” list. As a three-time honoree, Marie was also inducted into the Circle of Excellence. From The Daily Record’s website: “Maryland’s Top 100 Women recognizes high-achieving Maryland women who Continue Reading

How data breaches at nonprofit organizations impact the communities they serve, and the steps leaders can take to mitigate cyber risks

Nonprofit organizations are particularly vulnerable to breaches, mainly due to inconsistent security policies and the large amounts of sensitive data they collect and use in their daily operations. Often considered “soft targets”, cyber criminals increasingly go after nonprofits and other small businesses, which makes the situation even worse for these organizations. Hyper-focused on their missions, nonprofits often direct their limited funds toward serving their constituents. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that cybersecurity takes a back seat, and employees and volunteers are left in the dark about cyber best practices.

Focus on Communication to Engage Stakeholders During Change Management

When an organization works through a significant change, like a software upgrade, or a leadership or cultural change, clear and strategic communication helps ensure employee understanding, buy-in and adoption of the change, all critical to a successful change management initiative.

The difference between data and information – and why that matters to the success of your business

For many small and mid-sized companies, accessing data is typically more about backward-looking report writing – last month’s sales, quarterly financials, 13-month trailing reports – than forward-looking business analysis. These reports are critical to senior management as a performance gauge, but they only tell half the story. What executives really need is the ability to look ahead, analyze trends and predict future performance. 

3 Ways for IT Leaders to Communicate with Internal Audiences

Over the years, business technology has evolved from a back-office function to a strategic resource for organizational success. Chief information officers (CIOs), now in crucial leadership roles, must not only deliver IT solutions to business problems, but effectively communicate the value of IT to other leaders and departments across the entire organization.

Making Business Technology Personal

Have you ever wondered why it’s so much easier to select, embrace and get value from personal technology than technology for your business? Most people love the personal technology that helps organize their lives, but rarely speak in such glowing terms about their office technology. Why is that?

How to keep remote workforces productive? Start by asking them what they need.

work from home, remote work

The work-at-home population, specifically those who aren’t self-employed, has grown by 103% since 2005.  This isn’t surprising, with the substantial improvement in and availability of remote technology, which makes it easier, less expensive and more productive for employees to work from locations other than the company office. The majority of Hartman advisors work outside of Continue Reading

Highlights from the March 2017 healthcare executive roundtable

How can long-term post-acute care organizations work with hospitals to improve population health? Hartman Executive Advisors, an independent technology advisory firm, recently brought together long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) CEOs and CFOs to discuss steps needed to prepare for partnerships with hospitals. Like other business leaders, healthcare executives are always strapped for time. Hartman’s LTPAC roundtable Continue Reading